HHF's 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Animal Lovers, 

2020 was a very busy year for Helping Homeless Felines. In addition to keeping up with calls for help,  foster cat care and veterinary appointments and trying to adopt out our rescued cats to wonderful homes  we got involved in a few large and complicated projects that stressed our budget and resources 

In 2020, we can count on the following as highlights of the year:  

● 9 abandoned feral cats living in squalor in an abandoned house in Fairfax, VA. HHF was the  only rescue to help this enormous project. We trapped and re-trapped all the cats and  arranged for veterinary care. Each cat had extensive skin, GI and dental issues. Each cat was  in horrible medical condition from utter neglect. Farms and stables were found for them.  Thank you to Mantua for helping with this project. (See photo below of a few of the cats) 

● We were contacted about a 10 year-old female cat who had been living high up on the furnace  for 8 years. She had a URI and UTI. Thank you to Rachel K for amazing foster care and  Sorah K for adopting and loving this cat who is so sweet. (See Ruthie’s photo below) 

● HHF has continued to help some of the most amazing rural rescuers with veterinary support  and resources. As a goodwill effort we sponsored cats from very harsh conditions overseas  for other groups as well as for Helping Homeless Felines to adopt out. The expense and  effort to handle these cats (some came with eye and neurological issues, deaf, and behavioral  issues) from these environments has been a challenge but the joy these cats have given their  new families has made it worthwhile. 

Please know most of the work we do is “behind the scenes” and never gets posted on Facebook. HHF  has 5 key volunteers to do all of this work. None of us is paid; it is an act of compassion and love for  those cats who have truly suffered. 

Thank you and let’s continue to help those that need us, 

Val Garcia, President 

Helping Homeless Felines

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